Integrated Systems Empower People

When organizational systems are designed strategically, it enables a workforce to perform at the highest level


Are you structured for success? Create a talent structure that aligns with your business goals. Design, redesign, or diagnose & fix issues.


Execution makes or breaks a plan. Strategy development, project management, and implementation support.


Leaders lead better with solid people systems in place. Leadership Development, Succession Planning, Performance Management.

Looking to make your growing business more effective?

Are you managing people, processes, or strategy one issue at a time and not getting the results you know are possible? Do you consider yourself a savvy small business manager? Do you sense that you are outgrowing your current approach to business? Are you certain that investing in people will generate business but aren’t quite sure what that looks like?

“The only real difference between one organization and another is the performance of its people”

Peter Drucker

People System Solutions

Designed for Business Success

Hi, I'm Lisa.

I have unique experience and a flexible style that combines big consulting firm expertise with a nimble, affordable boutique approach.

My background is a convergence of Commercial (MBA, executive experience), Technical (experience and education in technical sectors) and Social (HR certifications and experience) knowledge. I bring 25 years of large corporation training, experience, and best practice consulting skills. I have done organizational design and development many times over in very large organizations nationally and globally.

I have designed flexible methodologies that have adapted to small businesses. I have a track record in project execution that includes both project and change management. I believe I am uniquely poised to bring solutions from all perspectives of people systems.

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things”

Peter Drucker

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