Website Proposal for X Business

X Business is looking to accomplish X measurable goal with a new website.


The objective is to increase the number of new leads through the website.

We'll do this by doing two things:

Firstly, figure out the real value you provide beyond the mechanics like 'tax advice' and create some consistent messaging to use throughout your entire brand that speaks to your audience.

Secondly, employ modern lead-generation tactics.

Your conversion rate is currently less than 0.5%. We'd like to get that up to around 3-4%.

We have explained more about how we plan to achieve this in the next pages.

Please read through the information carefully and, if satisfied, you can use our 'E-Sign' system right here in your proposal to accept and get started!

The Important Stuff

This is what we learned from speaking with you and determining your goals.


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Relax, all of our websites are 'Responsive'.

Computer, Tablet or Mobile - it will look great!

We always start with Mobile first.

The Prototype

Click the button below to view the prototype of your new website!

Make sure to check it out on your computer and mobile devices.

The Timeline

Initial Contact

Whether you choose to contact us by phone, email, or text message, we aim to respond in the following times:

Morning: Within 45 minutes

Afternoon: Within 3 hours

Time to completion: 0 Days

Initial Meeting

In our Initial Meeting, we'll learn more about your business, your needs and goals, as well as set the scope of the project and determine the timeline.

Time to completion: Approx. 3 days

The Proposal

After our initial meeting, we take the information that we learned and draft a proposal for you.

This proposal contains: Our goals for the project, the important facts about your business, a draft homepage, and pricing information.

Time to completion: Approx. 7 days

Kick-Off Meeting

After you've had a chance to review and approve the proposal, we will schedule a Kick-Off meeting with our team and yours to go through the proposal together. With your approval, the draft homepage will become the guiding source of our development.

Time to completion: Approx. 3 days

Dev Work

Now that you've approved the Proposal, we will begin the development work. We build all sites on our end, so that deployment onto your URL/Domain is seamless and easy. You will have the opportunity for two rounds of feedback and edits.

Time to completion: Approx. 10 days


We launch late at night to ensure that you have minimal interruptions on your website.

Time to completion: Approx. 1 day

Closing Meeting

After the launch, we will have a short meeting to formally wrap up the project and review all points of the proposal and website to ensure that nothing was missed.

Time to completion: Approx. 2 days

Your Investment

We have two pricing options available to you.


We take the total price of your website and break it down into monthly payments over three years. With this pricing, you also get a few added benefits, which are listed in the table below.

One-Time Fee

We build and launch your website for a flat fee.

One-Time Fee

Monthly pricing packages require a three-year commitment.

Monthly Pricing



7 pages

Unlimited pages

Setup Cost




SSL Certificate
Security / Uptime Monitor
Unlimited Storage
Priority Customer Support
Sales Leads / Landing Page
Basic Web Metrics
Content Updates
SEO (5 keywords)
Pop-Ups and Banners
Full eCommerce
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Sell Subscriptions
Merchandising Tools
Advanced Statistics Report


This can be paid in installments over a series of weeks or months.

What this includes:

Point 1
















Approve Proposal

If you're ready to get started, email to schedule your Kickoff Meeting!

Website Proposal for X Business